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Engineering R&D

Circuit Design PCBs Controls Sensors DFM Software

Luminaire has extensive experience building complex systems. Our mechanical and electrical engineering teams work hand in hand to develop integrated systems using modern engineering techniques and technologies used in the medical device and consumer electronics fields. We take a holistic, systems-level view of engineering design, combining mechanical systems, electronics, software, and controls in everything we do.


Electronics Mechanical Systems Automated Testing

With experience working with manufacturers on consumer electronics, medical devices, and coffee equipment, Luminaire knows what it takes to get a product built. By taking into account a manufacturing plan from day one and focusing on automated testing, Luminaire can help you take the right product to market on the right timeline.

EMC Engineering

Electromagnetic Compatibiity Testing QA

Ensuring your product will pass Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests can be crucial to your device's launch timeline. We take EMC requirements into account from day one to help ensure your product is ready for certification testing and minimize costly delays, and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to solve EMC issues when they do arise.

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing Arduino Controls

Luminaire can help you test product concepts faster. By taking into account how something will be manufactured from day one and using modern prototyping tools, we are able to prototype product concepts in weeks rather than months. This allows you to test your ideas as quickly as possible, and our manufacturing experience allows us to create prototypes that can serve as a solid foundation for a complete product.

Connected Systems

Smartphones Bluetooth WiFi USB

We believe that the future of coffee lies in connecting equipment to the wider world. Whether it is an iPhone controlled coffee brewer or automated data and diagnostics logging to the internet, we have the experience necessary to design and build coffee equipment for a digital age.

Data Analysis

Data Collection Advanced Sensors Statistical Analysis

Gathering real data about a system allows you to truly understand and improve it. We have extensive experience building custom data collection systems for labs, designing scientific experiments, and analyzing the resulting data. Taking a wider view of detailed data in an end-to-end context allows us to provide surprising insights into the way coffee is brewed and product performance. From engineering a higher performance control system by looking beyond standard sensor data and taking into account the wider product usage, to providing a detailed understanding of the impact of flow rate on pour-over brewing, we look at the whole picture to help identify novel and useful features for future products.


Product Concepting User Research Design Thinking Brainstorming

Great products don't just appear. Luminaire takes a structured approach to product concepting, allowing us to help you re-envision the future of your business. By employing techniques used by companies like Ideo, Apple, and Google, we are able to help you identify the right product to develop. Structured ideation and brainstorming, concept generation, and rapid prototyping of experiences helps us develop better ideas, faster.